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The Franks Engineering team has designed several water treatment and distribution system projects. Projects incorporating selective chemical conditioning systems and mixed media filtration systems including backwash air scour are utilized to comply with critical THM and turbidity requirements while meeting recent disinfection contact time regulations. Staff experience specifically related to transmission and distribution system and water tank projects result in cost-effective designs. Funding for water improvement projects has been secured from the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission, Arkansas Department of Economic Development, USDA Rural Development, Texas Community Development Program and the Texas Water Development Board with loan and grant amounts. The firm also assists local governments in developing proposals and literature for local bond issues to provide projects funding.

Prescott, AR

This project included the replacement of the 16” raw water main and pump control valves. 


The project was funded through ANRC SRF.

De Queen, AR

This project included re-coating the interior and exterior of the tank. We installed new, properly sized vents and manways with minor repairs made to the tank components.


The project was funded through AEDC.

Recent Projects:

City of Stephens, Arkansas - Water Distribution Replacement


Camden Water Utilities - Phase I Water System Improvements

City of Bearden, Arkansas - Water Tank Rehab

City of Thorton, Arkansas - Water Distribution Replacement

City of Magnolia, Arkansas - Joy Street Tank Painting

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